Headed to Reno for the weekend? Here’s some fun stuff to do while in Northern Nevada! *Fully equipped with links😋*

I spent 13 weeks working in the Carson City/Reno area and this is what I did (and ate lol)! Featuring my dog Maci!


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1. Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory + The Giant Prospector. Situated between Carson City and Reno is a yummy candy store and right behind it is this big guy! Fun photo stop!

2. The Home is Nevada Sculpture is located right in front of the Greater Nevada Baseball Field in Downtown Reno.

3. The Reno Arch. Definitely a photo op!

4. Virginia city, NV is a historic town which will give you a blast from the past with its 19th century gold mining charm.

5. Gardnerville, NV is a small town about 30 minutes away from Carson City, NV with beautiful views of the mountains and a nice small town vibe. Worth a quick visit!

6. I usually try to only go to local restaurants but this was my first time trying Squeeze In and it was delicious! It’s a chain which is also in CA. Dog friendly and great customer service!

7. Reno River Walk+sculptures/Believe sign. This is a nice area to go for a walk along the river and maybe grab a bite to eat or stop for a drink along the way! Many burning man sculptures including the colorful whale and believe art piece.

8. M&Ms Southern Cafe is a delicious soul food restaurant right in Sparks, NV. Owned by a local pastor & his wife (who are originally from the south) it plays a major role in the community. Definitely stop by when in the Reno area!

9. Wild horses at Washoe Lake State Park. Yes, you read that right! You literally go and they are just hanging out lol. Located in New Washoe City, NV about 15 minutes away from Carson City.

10. Genoa, NV is Nevada’s first settlement. small but full of history!

11. Last Chance Joe & Sparks Marina-Sparks, NV. This big fella was the icon of The Nugget Casino until he was no longer needed 😢Now he sits in front of the Sparks Heritage Museum. Stop by to say howdy! After seeing Joe, head over to the Sparks Marina. It’s a peaceful place with a nice walking trail. Oh, and shopping!

12. Playa Art Park is a small display of interactive burning man art. Definitely a must see!

13. Idlewild park in Reno has great scenic walking trails.

14. Nevada Museum of Art is a fairly large art museum with many changing exhibits. I was lucky enough to catch the Australian Memorial Poles! Check their website for the latest exhibit.

15. Topaz Lake, NV is a little over a hour away from Reno and it’s worth the drive. Half of the lake is in CA while the other is in NV just like Lake Tahoe! But without the tourists and crowds.

16. MidTown District Reno is an area filled with stores, restaurants and a whole lotta art! Murals everywhere! If you love art this is definitely the place to be! You can literally put “Midtown Reno” in your GPS and it will take you there!

17. Pyramid Lake is about a hour away from Reno and it definitely definitely definitely worth the drive. Did I say definitely?! It’s so beautiful yet eerie due to the ghost stories told about the area. 👉: Curse of Pyramid Lake

18. Juicy’s Giant Hamburgers is the place to go when you want a juicy burger haha. But seriously it was really good! Great milkshakes too! Nice local burger joint.

19. Outdoor Rock Climbing wall at Whitney Peak Hotel. Here you will find the tallest outdoor climbing wall right above the Reno Arch! I didn’t go all the way up, planned on it but when I got there I chickened out. Can you make it to the top?!

20. Holey Schmidt Donuts is a fun place to visit after rock climbing. It’s only like 5 minutes away. Fun donuts which are also tasty! I had the Cookie Monster donut!

21. Nevada State Museum will definitely educate you on the history of Nevada in an interactive way.

22. Animal Ark is an animal sanctuary filled with rescued animals. Easy animals story is posted and you can tell that the staff is totally dedicated to caring for them. I was able to get a great photo of Lili the tiger!

23. Junkee thrift store is the best thrift store that I have ever been to. Haven’t been to many but Still! It’s colorful and fun. Oh, and they offer you wine when you walk in!

24. Simple Ice cream (in the photo above with the wine lol) is literally connected to Junkee so you have to make time to visit both places. Unique ice cream flavor and of course it’s good! Also great customer service! Always a plus.

25. Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs. 4 words: Chilli Cheese Omelet Skillet. That is all.

🎲🎰Did I convince you that Reno is more than just casinos?!🎰🎲


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