In the Sacramento, CA area? Here are some things that you can do in and within a hour away from the capital!

I was able to explore the Sacramento area for a little over a year and here are a few cool things that I did while there.

  1. Check out the store DISPLAY: California in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento. It’s super cute and they sell items with the CA theme. Oak Park has many stores in the same area and First Friday’s is held there September-December. πŸš— Free street parking.

2. Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies is a unique store dedicated to, you guessed it, bees and bee keeping! I was suffering from terrible allergies while living in Sacramento and I was advised to get local honey. I was able to get local honey & do a little honey tasting while I was there! πŸš— Free street parking.3. Crocker Art Museum is definitely worth a visit! Many unique art pieces and interactive exhibits. Art museums aren’t for everyone but I make it a point to visit as many museums as possible wherever I am living. πŸš— Paid meter parking.4. William Land Park is an amazing surprise right across from the Sacramento Zoo! This park is absolutely beautiful and I came across locals who had never heard of it. It is even more beautiful in the fall. There is a flower/cactus garden, Fairlytale town & Funderland for kids and many other amenities. Check it out. πŸš— Free parking on the street.5. Sand Cove Park Beach is a nice place to cool down in the American River. It’s dog friendly and it was pretty peaceful when I went there. πŸš— There is a parking lot with a fee.6. Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum is a fairly small but informative museum. It’s filled with history told through art and murals. You literally walk through Black History starting with Egypt and ending with today. Murals of famous athletes, musicians and civil rights leaders are displayed. πŸš— Free admission and parking.7. The Secret Garden is such a fun garden supply store. The set up is like a secret garden! It’s a colorful and fun place to visit even if you aren’t into gardening. It’s very relaxing to walk through the outdoor garden. They also offer classes and activities on select days. πŸš— Free parking in lot.8. California State Railroad Museum is in Old Sacramento and displays the history of trains, their importance to society and how they have evolved over the years. Great place for a family outing. πŸš— Free street parking if available otherwise paid meter or garage parking available.9. At Chefs Olive Mix you can do some Olive Oil tasting! Definitely not something you hear of often! Cute little store with so many flavors of olive oil. From jalapeΓ±o to blood orange. Tasting is free. This is also in Old Sacramento. πŸš— Free street parking if available otherwise meter or garage.10. Paradise Beach was one of my favorite places in Sacramento. Dog friendly. Lots of sand and shade to sit in. Also a great area to relax by the river. There’s a bit of a distance from the parking lot to the actual water. I would say maybe a 5 minute walk. πŸš— Free parking.11. The American River Bike Trail (Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail) is located in Folsom, CA. About a 30 minute drive from Sacramento. Dog friendly. Many long trails to enjoy a long walk, jog or bike riding. The rainbow bridge is along one of the trails along with many stops to cool down in or near the river. Beautiful area. πŸš— Free street parking

12. Hidden Falls Regional Park is a nice relaxing park with a few long trials and a surprise waterfall. Located in the beautiful Auburn, CA it’s about 35 minutes away from Sacramento. Dog friendly. πŸš— Free parking M-F, fee on weekends/holidays.13. South Yuba River State Park is located in Penn Valley, CA. About 1hr away from Sacramento but well worth the drive! It’s a remarkable place to cool down in the river & even get a history lesson or 2 about gold mining. Partially dog friendly. It seems like a different world and it was hard to believe that I was still in California. πŸš— Parking is free but hard to find during the warmer months. Paid parking is more convenient.14. Sly Park Recreation Area caught me by surprise. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Located in Pollock Pines, CA 1hr away from Sacramento! The water is an amazing color. Dog friendly. There’s a short trail leading to a waterfall, camping, water sports, you name it. You could also just sit back and admire Jenkinson Lake. 15. Animal place is a fun activity for the whole family! It is located in Grass Valley, CA 1hr away from Sacramento. The animals who live there are rescued farm animals. There are chickens, cows, goat, pigs and so on. It’s a pro Vegan establishment. $10 for guided tour, self guided tour is free. πŸš— Free parking on site16. Empire Mine State Park is a historical landmark also located in Grass Valley, CA. There is a beautiful garden, historic buildings and it’s just a great place to walk around. Contains a lot of history related to gold mining. There is an admission fee. πŸš— Free parking17. Last but not least, Lake Clementine Trailhead. This is actually my favorite place. It’s located in Auburn, CA and has the most beautiful dam which almost always has a rainbow going across it! Partially dog friendly. Also near by along a trail is the Foresthill bridge (4th tallest in the US).πŸš— paid parking near the dam

Hope that you can visit some of these places near/in Sacramento whether you are a local or just visiting! ✌🏾

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