New York: What I saw & ate in 36 hours!

Manhattan Bridge, Dumbo

I have always wanted to go to New York to celebrate NYE. I haven’t heard very good things about that experience so I decided to go for my birthday! Lol Honestly I wouldn’t have gone alone if my friend Katherine wasn’t working there at the time! I have to give her a lot of credit for making my trip great!

Fun fact: We have known each other since middle school!

So here’s a brief guide on how I did like a weeks worth of stuff within a very short weekend trip to NY!


So I’m not really sure what the deal is there with AirBnB (is it legal or illegal!?!?) I did stay in one but didn’t love it. It was ok. Not good enough to recommend so I will just leave this here lol it was in a cool neighborhood though. Took this picture while waiting for my Uber one day! Moving on…

Bed Stuy

So I arrived in NY at around 6am and before going on the tour, I met up with Kat & she showed me some of her favorite places to hang out. We spent the first part of the day in DUMBO having a mini photoshoot(lol), enjoying the weather & lovely views of the bridges!

Bagels by the bridge
Planning our next stop

The AirBnB Experience

Ok I LOVED this experience! It was a 5 hour, yes 5hr walking tour which included landmarks & food! We were beyond tired from all of the walking but it was worth it! We literally had to get massages (see below for more information) after haha my legs were KILLING ME! But it was worth it! Definitely consider this tour if you are visiting NY. Awesome guide & overall experience!

Yes, we did all of this plus more in one day!

👇🏾Book the tour here👇🏾

👇🏾Massage & Nail shop👇🏾
The massage was excellent!

A few highlights from the trip on and off tour!

Me, Kat & our lovely tour guide Bobby
Times square
City art
Notorious BIG
Little Italy
China Town
9/11 Memorial
“The Mona Lisa of Williamsburg”

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Where Brooklyn At! (I named it that haha)

788 Driggs Ave

Two restaurants with AMAZING food, A pizza joint & the best banana pudding ever!

When I say the food at these places was amazing I mean AMAZING! It was almost like they created their own unique flavors that I had never experienced before. Not sure if that makes sense but I was in foodie heaven! I’m glad that I was with someone who had been living in NY because I didn’t want to just go to all of the touristy NY places, I wanted what the locals ate and I believe that I got it! (Although the pizza place & banana pudding place may be a little touristy hehe but still good!)


Situated in a retro railcar this restaurant has a menu which changes all of the time. They literally write out the menu once you sit down!

81 Broadway, Brooklyn
Menu at Diner

Freeman Alley, New York
2 Bro’s Pizza

Various locations
Banana pudding from a bakery that I discovered 🤣 *Inside joke*

Finally, we went to visit the Statue of Liberty. I wasn’t really interested in getting closer, pretty content with just being about to see it in the distance lol. It was a great way to end my trip & I’m glad that I got to experience NY with my awesome friend Kat!

Statue of Liberty

Happy Exploring!