Check on your foodie friends, we are not ok! 7 Netflix shows about food & travel that you will love!

I LOVE FOOD, especially eating at restaurants, trying crazy foods and trying foods specific to whichever US state or country I’m in at the time! Well currently I’m at home in California so I have been cooking way WAY (did I say way?!) more than usual! I definitely have been trying to make things from different countries and parts of the country + trying new recipes. It’s fun and you can try new things at home!

Since it’s not a possibility to be a traditional foodie currently, I have compiled a brief list of shows on Netflix that will make you feel like you are exploring a new place! Shout out to Rebecca, one of my best friends ever for helping to make this list possible lol (she told me about the most if not all of the shows!)

I must confess that I am in the process of watching these shows and haven’t watched every single episode of all of them so I can only review the episodes that I watched. Essentially, we will be checking them out together!

My rating scale 🔥





🌶 I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ON THE LIST IF IT WASN’T SPICY AT ALL HAHA. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Don’t expect to see one pepper.


I watched Volume 6, Ep 1 which is about an African American female chef in Savannah, GA. It explores the traditions and history of Southern food & the role that food played in her upbringing.



I watched the Second Course, Venice. I just returned from Venice in January so I was excited to see Phil’s take on the food in the area. He basically wandered around and went on a food tour trying location specific dishes including street food.



Checked out Episode 2, Salt. It is based in Japan. Samin talks about how salt is used all over the world. Japan has various types of salt which is used for different foods to enhance their flavors. This episode also shows how salt is made.



I watched the episode called Marrakesh with Chrissy Teigen. Chef David was pretty much just hanging out with Chrissy Teigen in Morocco eating a bunch of stuff lol They also went on a very thorough tour of the city.



There is Street Food Asia and a separate one for Latin America. I watched Street Food Asia the Cebu, Philippines episode. It explored the origin of street food in the area and how important it is for visitors and the community, especially those living in poverty.



I watched Season 1, Ep 8 “Stuffed”. It was like a battle between Italian food and Korean food. Two chefs battled to prove which is better between two similar dishes, stuffed pasta vs. dumplings. It’s a “who does it better?!” Kind of episode. David visits various countries to try what he considers to be dumplings.



First of all, automatic 5 chili’s because, Tacos! Warning, it’s in Spanish with subtitles. I watched the Canasta episode. It’s about “basket tacos” where they originated and the cultural significance.


If you have seen any of these shows before feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section! Until next time…

Happy Exploring!…

At home!


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