12 ways that you can explore your own city!

⚜️I have lived in 7 cities since 2015. When I first started exploring I started in the city that I was living in then branched out to other nearby cities then other states and countries but I had to start small to get out of my comfort zone, gain confidence and to feel comfortable doing new things. I have continued to find or try something new EVERY weekend. My work assignments are generally 13 weeks so I will generally explore whatever area that I am in for 12 weekends.

⚜️Here are 12 things that I do and have done in each city that I have lived in. I challenge you to try it in your own city!

🔹1. Try a new restaurant

🔹2. Go to a museum

🔹3. Check out a park or botanical garden

🔹4. Go to a community event like “First

Friday’s”, a festival or even just a yard sale!

🔹5. Check out a local dessert spot

🔹6. Find a mural in town

🔹7. Find a roadside attraction. Most cities

have at least one.

🔹8. Go downtown

🔹9. Go on a hike

🔹10. Go to a marina, lake or the ocean

🔹11. Sign up for and go on an AirBnB

experiences tour.

🔹12. Find and attend an event found on


⚜️A few of my favorite apps:

🔸Fotospot to find the best roadside


🔸AirBnB *experiences* for city tours!

🔸AllTrails to find the best hikes!

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