6 family friendly things that I did (off The Strip) during my 13-week work assignment in Las Vegas!

🎰Ah, Las Vegas! You may have heard of it lol Vegas was actually at the top of my travel OT bucket list & it took me 3.5 years to get an assignment there. Needless to say I took full advantage of living in a place that people come from all over the world to visit! But after a while The Strip becomes very annoying, crowded, touristy and expensive. I did so many things off The Strip and tried many different restaurants. Here are some things that I got into while there! Let’s just call this part 1 😋🎰

1. The Neon Museum: Cool way to learn about the history of Las Vegas’ neon signs! It’s pretty much a neon sign bone yard! On select nights there is a special show where, with special effects, the signs light up along with retro music.


2. Symphony Park: A beautiful, small, clean and crowd free park located in downtown Vegas. There are various art instillations with the most popular being the huge colorful “pipe dreams” piece!


3. Ethel M’s Chocolates Factory & Botanical Gardens: This is actually technically in Henderson, NV but it’s right next to Las Vegas! During my visit I went for a walk through the cactus garden, went on the very brief self guided tour of candy making then wine & chocolate pairing! This was a lot of fun!


4. Pinball Hall of Fame: The worlds largest collection of vintage pinball machines under one roof. And you can play all of them!!! Very VERY unique experience for all ages!


5. Level Up Nitro Creamery & Boba: I guess this is technically a food place but I saw it as a gaming place that happened to sell food! Lol. I ordered a boba tea and spent a hour playing Super Mario, Banjo & Kazooie among other games. The first hour is free then they charge per hour after that. I loved this place and would definitely go back!


6. Zappos Campus Tour: An inside look into the fun and positive Zappos culture! The tour is about 90 minutes long and there is never a dull moment! The campus is very close to Fremont Street!


🎰That’s it for now! I hope that this encourages you to leave The Strip & Fremont Street for a bit when visiting Vegas. The city has so much more to offer!🎰

Viva Las Vegas!❤️

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2 thoughts on “6 family friendly things that I did (off The Strip) during my 13-week work assignment in Las Vegas!”

    1. Glad that you are interested! Haha yea, most people go and literally stay on The Strip or Fremont Street the whole time! I was guilty of it too before living there! The city has so much more to offer and things are much cheaper when you leave the touristy areas!


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