ICELAND: Yes it’s cold, Yes it’s expensive. Yes it should be on your bucket list! *Complete Itinerary, cost & packing list from my trip with GoAhead Tours*

Gullfoss Waterfall

• Let me just start by saying that Iceland wasn’t even really high on my list of places to go. One of my cousins went and she loved it so she convinced me to go. I sort of reluctantly booked the trip and then fell in love with the place as soon as I got there! It’s safe to say that my trip to Iceland was definitely one of the most unique and amazing trips that I have been on! Here’s why you must experience this magical place!

• I actually took notes in my notes app while on the trip so I will share the actual notes along with some additional photos and information!

1 week in Iceland itinerary

  • I stayed at Fosshotel Reykjavík
Perlan Wonders of Iceland museum: Did not go in, just wanted the pic in front lol

• Note: I went on this trip with a tour company so I did not put this itinerary together from scratch. Exact tour below👇🏾

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Packing list

I really had no idea what to bring. I researched other blogs and online in general to put my list together. I ordered most of my stuff from Amazon and found my jacked on a major sale at Ross! Ice cleats are on the list but I never even opened the package because it wasn’t snowing at all when I went. Oh! I never used my thin rain jacket either.

  • • I actually got to a point, a few times, where I had to remove layers because I was too warm. So you really need to wear less than you think. I would say that the lowest temperature when I was there may have been in the 20s/low 30s.
  • View from the top floor of the hotel

    The Blue Lagoon, oh just the most popular attraction

    Yes, there are many other hot springs in Iceland but this one is the most well known. If you want one that’s less touristy and less expensive or free a Google search will help you with that. I enjoyed the Blue Lagoon and don’t have anything negative to say about the experience. I would go back if I had the chance.

    Welcome to the Blue Lagoon
    Standing in lineOnce you get in you put your stuff in a locker, get your swimsuit, shower then head to the lagoon!Now you’re in! Shortly after getting in you will see a lady going around handing out face mask goodies. Then you remove it shortly after.You definitely have to try a Skyr Smoothie!And partake in a photoshoot 🤣Or 2Or 3 haha. I took photos for the first like 15 minutes then put my phone in the locker so that I didn’t have to worry about it. So my advice is to get the picture taking of your system then just enjoy the experience!Then you get out, get your clothes back on and say goodbye. The worst part.

    And oh yea, so that thing In this photo on the far right is swim-up bar! There’s also another one where you can order different types of face masks.

    How much stuff actually costs

    To convert to dollars just move the decimal point over to the right once. So 2 tacos=$14.90, 3 tacos=$18.90

    Reynisfjara Black Sand beach

    Happy Exploring!