NEW ORLEANS: How I spent 36 hours solo in NOLA. Tours, murals, food & accommodations!

⚜️ I did a 13 week work assignment in Beaumont, TX and had the chance to explore most of Southern Louisiana (Yes, there’s more to Louisiana than just New Orleans! Blog proving this coming soon! Haha) I also found out that my great grandparents were Creole & originally from Opelousas, LA! So I was sort of exploring my roots lol

⚜️New Orleans was a 4hr drive away from Beaumont so I saved it for my final place to explore while living in the South! NOLA was on my travel list, literally like #1 for YEARS. I was so excited to finally go and it was everything that I had imagined and more!

⚜️So here it is, my NOLA Itinerary: 11/8/19-11/10/19

Half Day 1

⚜️ It took me about 4 hours to drive to NOLA and I got there just before dark so I went straight to the Lil Wayne mural. I had been wanting to see it since the In My Feelings video lol. Lil Wayne plays a major role in NOLA rap/hip hop & my high school years so I had to see it in person!

8401 Olive Street-Hollygrove

⚜️After that I checked into my AirBnB. Let me just say that this was hands down the cutest AirBnB that I have ever stayed in. It had everything that I needed & things that I didn’t know I needed. It was like Target hahaha

Best AirBnB Ever!

⚜️After checking in & getting my dog situated I found a night tour to go on. I frequently use AirBnB experiences & I have never been disappointed! This is the exact tour that I went on (below) and it was great! Went to various Pubs on Frenchmen Street with a small group of people. The guide was great also and very knowledgeable about NOLAs music & general history. Even got a few ghost stories out of it! stopped to eat at Dat Dog while on the tour! (Note: Dat Dog stop was not part of the tour, I stopped because I was hungry haha)
You can find this tour in your AirBnB app under New Orleans “Experiences”!
Dat Dog-601 Frenchmen Street

⚜️After the Pub Crawl I was very tired so I went back to the AirBnB to figure out what to do on the following day.

Day 2

⚜️Got up pretty early and went to explore the city away from the touristy area (but also a safe area) I found this area and it was full of murals. I walked my dog and met many locals who gave me some ideas of other things to do in the city. Here are 5 murals in the Bywater area.

Start at this address & walk around from there: Studio Be – 2941 Royal St

One time in NOLA
Young girl
Young boy (other side of the same building that the little girl is on)

After that I searched for a dog friendly restaurant near by and found Who Dat Coffee Cafe. It was busy but I recommend it.

Who Dat Cafe- 2401 Burgundy St
Dat Cajun Scramble

Ate then took my dog back to the AirBnB so that I could go on another tour. This tour was great. I learned so much about NOLA from a native.
You can find this tour in your AirBnB app under New Orleans “Experiences”!

Some highlights from the tour!

Bourbon street

Bourbon Street
Saint Louis Cemetery #1
Saint Louis Cathedral
Louis Armstrong Park

There was still some daylight left so I wandered around a little. Went Back to Bourbon street and the surrounding areas. Saw someone flash a group on a balcony and they threw beads at her, you know stuff like that. Haha I also went to Cafe Beignet and just enjoyed the live music & being in NOLA. I ordered a shrimp po boy and beignets of course!

Cafe Beignet-311 Bourbon Street

⚜️Even though I drove, it’s super crowded in the popular areas and driving and parking would have been stressful so I used Uber & Lyft. Whichever one was cheaper at the time I needed it. The drivers were cool and gave me more ideas of stuff to do.

Half Day 3

⚜️This was Sunday and a big game day. Falcons vs. Saints so I found a Brewery where the locals go and they were having a shrimp & crab boil. Stayed to meet some people, eat, watch a little of the game then I went home because I had to work the next day. This brewery is also dog friendly!

Shrimp and crab boil by Gulf Coast Crawfish Co at Urban South Brewery.

⚜️Overall I had a great trip to NOLA and fell in love with the city! Didn’t feel unsafe being alone, super dog friendly city & the weather was great!

Happy exploring!