Portland, Oregon: Art, food, Accommodations & The Tulip Festival! Updated 3/22/21

350 W Burnside St.

In April of 2019 my sister and I went on a road trip starting in Portland, OR! We went to Seattle after and the ended in Vancouver, BC! For this particular post I will focus on Portland. Since we went in April we were able to visit a nearby tulip festival. This post will highlight some of my favorite murals, restaurants and a brief guide & tips for attending the tulip festival.

My sister & I 😋

3 of my favorite murals

Portland doesn’t have a shortage of murals AT ALL! They are all over and your best bet is to just wander around and make stops along the way as you see them! That is what we did and it was a lot of fun!

Corner of South East Division & South East Grand
Sizzle Pizza- 926 W Burnside St
This one is kinda tricky but it’s in the Hollywood District right by the freeway entrance near Providence Hospital. NE Glisan St. we sort of randomly found it while driving around!
Full wall

3 of my favorite restaurants

When I travel it’s a must to try the most popular restaurants along with some local favorites! One thing that I have tried in many places is Chicken & Waffles. I have a tried a few since then and prior to this trip but so far the best Chicken & Waffles that I have had in my life has been in Portland!

Screen Door-2337 E Burnside St.

Omg! The best Chicken & Waffles that I have ever had!

Ice cream flight from Ruby Jewel Ice Cream. Various locations!

Super cute! One flight was enough for both of us!

Hubers Cafe-411 SW 3rd Ave

Chili Garlic Prawns! It was really good!

Slappy Cakes-4246 SE Belmont St.


You can literally make your own pancakes!
It was so much fun!
I ordered potatoes on the side…super tasty!


My sister & I stayed at this super cute and conveniently located AirBnB. The couch turns into a nice sized pull out bed!


Woodson Shoe Tulip Festival-Woodbury, OR: YEARLY 3/19-5/2


Woodbury was around 30 minutes away from Portland. More than worth the drive!
The time of year that we went was rainy so the ground was very muddy. Don’t wear shoes that you want to keep clean. Would definitely recommend rain boots!
Have fun & take lots of pictures!

Happy Exploring!